House of Funk Brewing

Crowdsourcing Campaign

House of Funk Brewing
North Vancouver
Audit, Social Media Recommendations, Crowdsourcing Campaign

House of Funk, established in 2019, is a craft brewery and coffee roaster in North Vancouver, embracing the funky side of life.

With a strong identity, a unique venue and a high quality of products, the company already succeeds in building an excellent reputation and a supportive online community.


After social media analysis, including personas and buyer decision, here is what I suggested:

House of Funk (HOF) is speeding up its development, focusing on high-quality products: craft beers, local producers and coffee beans.

Yet, on the new menu, for now, there is no dessert.

An excellent opportunity for a crowdsourcing campaign would be to create a unique dessert, called HOUSE OF HEAVEN, made with the HOF coffee beans while involving the customers in the process of creation (contest).